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Off the Reef Productions is an entertainment company with a network of top creatives that’s ready to help get your idea off the ground. Whether you’re making the next hit show and need a couple animators, or are looking for financial guidance to cut costs, we’re here to handle the project every step of the way.

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No Filter

Life with No Filter

Off the Reef Productions first show, No Filter, is an animated adult show that follows the life of Gimpy. Once a pet fish with a clean tank, Gimpy now has to live life in the ocean and learn to live with No Filter.

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With just a single idea (and lots of rough drafts) No Filter became the first animation to be a part of Off the Reef Productions, with many more ideas to come. Have an idea? Check in with our team to see what we can do for you.

Main Characters


This germaphobe fish must do all that he can to stay unsoiled while learning to live life in the deep blue.


The tough guy who loves kicking it with the ladies, Gary is a cool attitude fish that has a soft spot for Gimpy.


When he’s not making a snarky comment, Finley does his best to be the voice of reason in the group.


Flips is a lover of fun and food times, but that doesn’t stop him from saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Main Characters


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